“A top class piece of musical improv theatre”

-The Playhouse Press

"Hysterical and entertaining ... I applaud them!" 

- OnStage Blog

“Their chemistry and humor is infectious”

-Outer Critics Circle Award winning composer and lyricist Gary Adler (Altar Boyz, Avenue Q)

“What Town is a blast! It has all the fixings for an evening of great musical theatre and the spontaneity of an improv show. It’s a really unique event, different every time but always just as fun!”

-Gabriel Vega Weissman, Director (Must, Off-Broadway)

“Watching What Town is like watching extreme sports, but for theatre people. Katie and Daniel perform musical and sometimes literal gymnastics as they switch– often mid-song – between hilarious characters made up on the spot.  It has the magic of musical improv PLUS the double magic of seeing two people perform as if they were ten people.”


- Rachel Hamburg, Producer at Audible.com

“What Town is the type of show I could watch every week for years to come.  How the HELL do they create brilliant characters with inventive plots and amazing songs every show?? I’m obsessed.”

-Eric Williams, ESoTERIC Comedy

“Tepper and Hammond command the stage. Every scene and every song is fun, lively, and clever. You'll want to live in their town forever."


-J.W. Crump, Producer and Writer at Dynamite Labs Inc

"I've never laughed so hard. Katie and Daniel are masters of improv!"

-Eric March, Writer, UpWorthy.com

“It doesn’t matter what town What Town ends up being, Katie and Daniel will transport you there the funniest, catchiest way ever.”

- Lindy Segal, Editor at People.Com